Claim Campground Listing Instructions

The Claim Listing feature is only for paid members of Camp Michigan.

If you are a campground owner and would like to join Camp Michigan please visit our Become a Member page.

Check for Existing Account.

Check for Existing Account.

Many members have already Joined Camp Michigan. If you have already created an account you can log in from the Top Bar Menu using the Login Link.

If you don’t remember your information you can use the forgotten password feature at the bottom of the Login Popup.

If you do not remember your account information you can Email Us, and we will check the account and email you back.

Create an Account

Create an Account

If you are a member and have never registered on the website you must first create an online account from the Top Bar Menu using the Login Link.

Click the Create account link at the bottom of the Login Popup.

Your Registration will be sent to a site administrator and must be approved. You will receive a Registration Approval email once your account has been approved.

After you have completed the registration from the instructions in your Approval Email you will be able to claim your Campground Listing.

Claim your Campground

Claim Your Campground