Camping Etiquette

Quiet Hours

Campgrounds will typically post their quiet hours so that everyone can easily see. This is the time when you turn down the music, shout off loud running generators and other equipment. Settle down the kids from running around and bring the noise level at the campfire down to a more peaceful level. If you arrive to the campground during quiet hours, try to be as quiet as possible setting up camp.


Many campgrounds are pet friendly. Not everyone shares the love of your pet as you do. Keeping your dog on a leash at all times is a must. Keep your dogs barking to an absolute minimum. Some parks have rules about leaving pets unattended. Be sure to always clean up after your pets and do not leave dog waste for others to step in.

Camp fire


Set some rules with your kids such as:
• Don’t run into or through someone else’s campsite
• Be careful when riding bikes or scooters through the campground
• Try to keep voices on the quiet side (this is a must during quiet hours)


Many parks have specific rules regarding campfires. Always check your parks rules. Check rules for transporting firewood. These rules are in place to reduce the spread of bugs and disease that can harm local trees. Do a bit of research before you head out on your trip to see what your campsite’s fire rules are. Most importantly, make sure that your fire is completely out before leaving. Do not move fire rings. Do not burn trash.


First and foremost, do not litter! Place trash in the proper place and do this often. Some parks will pick up trash, all parks have a trash bin or area for trash disposal. Empty your black or gray water tanks in designated areas. Be sure to make sure all sewer connections are properly secured.