What To Think About Before Camping With Pets

a small girl smiling with a dog next to her

Camping is a great way to spend three out of four seasons for most people, and then there are even those hardcore campers who think every season is a great time to get out and reconnect a bit with nature. However, if you want to camp with your pets, there are some important things to consider before heading out.

How Well Trained Are They?
Has your pet been around other animals before? Is he or she well trained? This is important before just going out to an area that might have many different pets in a small relative area. You want to know they will stay in the area or come back when called and won’t just take off in one direction or another. Training is key, and needs to be a consideration before taking them out.

Do You Know Pet Friendly Camping Sites?
There are camping areas that are extremely pet friendly and there are those that aren’t. Taking the time to look for camps that cater specially to pet owners will help you find a place that is built to not only be friendly towards pets but even have park areas where they can play, socialize with other pets, or be out and about around the grounds without worry. Don’t assume: do the homework!

In Conclusion
There are many of our member RV parks and campgrounds that welcome pets whether they are renting out cabins, spaces for pitching a tent, or even RV camping. Make sure to do a little bit of research to find the camp sites that encourage camping with pets or find contact information to call ahead and ask so you can plan out the type of outing that every family member can enjoy – even the furry four-legged ones!

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