Tips For Keeping the Kids Hydrated While Camping

small child drinking from a water bottle

Kids and camping seem to go together well. If you’re trying to find some fun ways to keep your camping kids hydrated try some of these fun ideas.Your kids will love them.

Give each child his or her own canteen that goes around their neck or over their shoulder. You can even find canteens that go around their waist.

Consider a “holster” for their water bottle and encourage them to “holster” their water bottles. Take an old belt and cut it to fit their waste and form a “holster” to hold the water bottles. Even duct tape will help here. Be creative and have fun. Help kids to create their own water bottle “holster” to keep them busy with a fun and creative useful craft.

Freeze water bottles and give them to kids to slurp on as they thaw. These can also be placed into their water bottle “holster”. They’re ideal to keep kids hydrated and cool on a hot summers day. Replace water bottles as they’re drained. Keep plenty in the freezer to keep kids going.

Consider camel packs. These are often used in the military and hold an amount of water and have a straw that the child can suck from whenever he or she gets thirsty.

Don’t forget some healthy popsicle ideas. Kids and popsicles go together well.

Watermelon is full of water and a watermelon seed spitting contest is a great way to get them hydrated and have a little bit of creative fun as well.

Other melons have water in them, however, watermelon has more than the others do.

Frozen juice bars are an ideal solution to keeping kids hydrated when camping.

Combine one or more of the above to keep kids hydrated when camping and you’ll have a great time.

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