Tips for Group Camping in Michigan

group people gathered around on a campsite

Camping is one of the activities that people like to enjoy in groups. Fortunately, our Michigan member campgrounds are happy to accommodate your group and the variety of camping vehicles you all arrive in. Group camping doesn’t have to be complicated and much of the gear needed can be spread out among the members. One of the most important aspect of a successful group camping trip is to first define one person as the hub – the leader of the group.

The leader will be the one to organize all the lists, activity calendar, handle communication with the campground or RV park, and provide details to all the campers in the group. This person can begin with a list of families, what they are camping in, what hookups they are seeking, and what days they will be arriving and departing.

Keep a calendar of activities for each day of the group’s trip and also make a chore chart. Most people are happy to pitch in when they know where and when they are needed. Create a list of camping gear that can be shared. Each family can sign up to bring one or two of the larger items which saves everyone from over packing.

Meal planning can also have its own grocery assignments as well as who is to cook and who is to clean up. Don’t forget snacks and campfire S’mores. Create a short grocery list for each family to bring along with them. Everyone is free to supplement with their favorite foods but the list is something the whole group will need for meals.

That pretty much covers the ins and outs of group camping, except the having fun part. Let yourself enjoy the trip and be sure to allow others to help out. Take lots of photos because you’ll cherish them in the years to come.

Be sure to check out our member campgrounds and make your reservations early. We look forward to seeing you around the campfire soon.

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