Tips For Choosing Your First Tent

several tents surrounding a campfire

First time campers can feel intimidated by purchasing their tent. It seems there are so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide. You also are not sure if you will like camping and want to continue so making a big investment before you’re sure is probably something you’re reluctant to do. We hope to simplify the process for you so that your first time camping is enjoyable enough that you continue for the rest of your life.

Borrowing a Tent
it might be your best option to borrow a tent, or even rent one, for your first time camping. This gives you the opportunity to try things out and experience camping before you make your purchase. There are also some RV parks and campgrounds that have loner programs to help you get started.

the size of your tent will matter depending on how many people will be camping. If yours is a small family with children you’ll need a lot more floor space to accommodate everyone’s sleeping bag and camping gear then you would if you are pair of campers just roughing it.

When Are You Camping?
Do you think you’ll be camping often or is this a single trip you want to try? This makes a difference, too, when you’re selecting a tent. If you think your camping will be done once or twice a season then the tent you choose needs to be much less durable than if you will be camping every weekend for several months.

The price range for a camping tent can vary widely. You can choose low end entry models from your local superstore or high quality and price tents from a specialty store. It might be wise, for your first camping trips, to choose something on the low-end as you make your trial camping trips.

Much of the gear you need while camping can be borrowed or brought from your home kitchen and closets. What’s most important is that you get out and go camping. You can find out more details for choosing a good beginner tent at Buying Your First Tent. We look forward to hearing about your adventures and we hope you develop a love of camping to last your lifetime.

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