Overnight Oats for Easy Camping Breakfasts

bowl of fruits and nuts on a table

The last year or two has shown us a rise in delicious new recipes for an old favorite camping breakfast; oatmeal. The new twist, however, is to make it the night before and enjoy it in the morning without having to cook it.

The idea is to add oats, milk, fruit, and seasonings into individuals containers at night. These can be pint-sized glass jars, or your favorite plastic storage containers. Overnight the ingredients steep together and the oats soften. When you wake in the morning you have a really wonderful breakfast ready and waiting. It’s particularly convenient for people camping in groups. Campers can all wake when they want to and the designated camp cook doesn’t have to spend hours waiting for everyone to eat.

Some fillings that people seem to love are cinnamon, raisins, berries, vanilla, and just a touch of salt. You can find some great recipes to try at 8 Classic Overnight Oats Recipes You Should Try. There, you’ll find something for everyone. If you have a peanut butter lover in the family there is a recipe for them. There’s one that tastes like Carrot Cake and another that is flavored like strawberry cheesecake. Who wouldn’t love any of these for breakfast?

These don’t necessarily have to be for breakfast either. They are nice for an afternoon snack and will provide your loved ones with an energy boost that is also nutritious – a winning combination. The recipes linked above also offer substitutes to reduce the sugar or make them gluten-free. That’s another benefit of being able to special order and not have to dirty lots of pots & pans.

We hope all your camping breakfast get your day off on the right foot and lead to memorable time with the people who matter.

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