Keeping Dirt out of Your Tent, Trailer, and RV

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Keeping your tent and RV dirt-free can be easy. There are a few ways you can go about this and that is what you are about to get some information on here. That way, you can set some ground rules so your RV and tent stay cleaner during your stay and you have less work to do.

You need to ask people to brush themselves off before they get in the tent or the RV. If they are wearing a jacket you should ask them to take it off and shake it away from where you are staying so that dirt doesn’t fly into the area. Have them fold their jacket and other clothes they’re wearing over their regular clothes and put them somewhere in the corner of the RV or the tent so that it doesn’t get everywhere. Have them brush their jeans off to or whatever else they are wearing with their hands outside and away from the entrance.

You should try to bring a floor mat with you that people can use to wipe their feet off on. You could also have a towel or something similar where people could set their shoes outside of your tent so that they are not dragging anything in. But, you need to make sure that there is a path where people can walk after they take their shoes off where they will not get more dust on their feet. When you are out and about camping it is hard to stay away from dirt but at least you can get a little bit of it off of someone before they enter into your RV or tent.

Keeping dirt out of your tent or RV is not very difficult. You just have to make sure that people follow the rules that you put into place. Once you can do that, you can have a clean tent or RV.

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