Keep Your RV Tires in Top Shape

tire treads

An RV is your home away from home, and it’s your chance to drive around your state or even the country. You get to see new places and have adventures while keeping the creature comforts of home as you park for the night or weekend in a place with electricity, water, and sewer hookups. Still, you have to keep up your RV for a smooth trip.

Part of that is keeping your RV tires in tip-top shape is a central component of keeping your motorhome in great shape for travel. Fortunately, you can do that in three simple steps.

First, keep your RV tires inflated. Know what the recommended pressure ratings are from your current tire manufacturer, and stay at it. You might go above and below here and there, but for the most part, you should stay at the ideal number. This reduces their wear and tear when you’re out driving, and you’ll enhance their probable lifespan in all circumstances. Just make sure to check the pressure level often, since it might change over time when the RV doesn’t see use.

Second, keep your RV tires clean. It only takes some water and gentle soap to keep tires looking great. That also provides protection for their external surfaces, so rubber can maintain its highly-protective attributes.

Third, be sure your RV tires see regular usage. This one makes a lot of people scratch their heads, but RV tires actually wind up lasting longer when they’re used, rather than left idle. RVs often sit for long stretches of time between trips, and the immobility is actually conducive to cracks forming. Keep your RV active, or just out of the elements.

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