It’s Time to Make Those Camping Reservations

a reserve sign on top of a table

The month of February is still cold and snowy throughout most of Michigan but it’s also the month when people start making those summer camping reservations. Most of our member parks are ready and waiting to help you plan your family vacation or maybe several short weekend trips.

To some, it may seem early but you’d be surprised how fast those weekends fill up. Cabins, too, book early. Take some time this month to find out when your best available dates for camping will be and where you’d like to camp. You can search our RV park and campground members to decide which parks would be a good fit for your family or camping group.

You can refine your search by area or amenities. Make a list of your priorities and then do a search. You may require a pool for the kids to swim in or perhaps you want to do some fishing. You can sort for Big Rig sites or campgrounds with planned activities.

Once you decide on your chosen amenities you can target a region in Michigan. We offer RV parks and campgrounds in the five regions of Upper Peninsula and the four quarters of the lower peninsula.

When you have your favorite RV park or campground selected you can give them a call or use their convenient online reservation systems. Check their website to find out their procedures and you’re half way there.

Most will want to know the dates of your  arrival and departure, what you are camping in, what kind of hookups you’ll need, and how many people will be camping. Then you can pay your deposit and rest assured that your vacation reservations are locked in and waiting for you.

Now you can start your camping checklists so you don’t forget anything. We look forward to seeing you around the campgrounds this spring, summer, and fall. We hope the memories you make will last a lifetime.

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