Ideas for Awesome Grilled Sandwiches at the campsite

two blt sandwiches on a plate

There are many different things to enjoy about camping but perhaps one that most of us remember from one trip to another is the food that we eat. After all, there is something about cooking your food over an open fire or at the very least, enjoying food in the great outdoors with plenty of fresh air.

Although you have many different choices when it comes to camping foods, grilled sandwiches are always going to be near the top of the list. They are a delicious option that is relatively easy to make and easy to pack for the trip as well. Here are a few considerations for grilled sandwiches.

First of all, you should always consider the possibility of making a grilled cheese sandwich. Rather than just making a basic sandwich with two slices of bread, some butter and cheese, try dressing it up for the occasion. Perhaps you could butter the bread and then add some coarse sea salt and Italian seasoning before grilling it. You might also want to consider adding something on the inside, such as a few slices of ham or some bacon.

Another idea is to make a grilled pizza sandwich. This is a relatively easy recipe that is similar to making a grilled cheese, except you put pizza toppings on the inside. Some pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and perhaps even some pepperoni between two slices of bread and grilled to perfection is always going to bring a smile to your faces.

Finally, consider the possibility of finishing things off with a grilled sandwich dessert. For this, be sure to pack some bread and a can of your favorite fruit pie filling. It can be apple, peach or blueberry, to name a few. You then just prepare the sandwich bread and add the fruit filling on the inside before grilling it. It’s a great way to finish any campfire meal.

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