How To Clean Your Grill

Your gas grill gets a lot of use in the summer and some even get used during the winter, depending on the owner and if there is enough cover to keep the snow off and the fumes from accumulating. They can seem like a big project to clean but it can be simplified. Cleaning often will reduce the build up and make the job go faster and you can do that by following these steps.

Grab some gloves, a bucket, some dish soap, your grill brush, paper towels, and a whisk broom. This will be your tool kit for cleaning up your grill and returning it to its former splender. You should start cleaning your grill while it is still slightly warm. This will assist you in removing the burned on food. Make sure it isn’t hot though, just warm will do.

Disconnect the propane tank and pull the grates along with the plates underneath them. You can let these soak in a bucket of soapy water for awhile as you work on the rest of the grill. Wrap the heating elements with aluminum foil to keep them from getting wet. You can now use a scrub brush to clean the inside of the grill. Wipe out any debris with paper towel and you should be done with this part.

Empty the drip pan and let it soak as well. You can now scrub the grates and plates making sure to rinse them well, removing any soap residue. Scrub and rinse the drip pan and leave it to dry. You can begin assembling the grill at this point and wiping down the exterior. The whole process will only take fifteen or twenty minutes if you do it regularly. If you don’t delay and let things build up it will all clean off more quickly and you’ll be back to enjoying your camping trip that much sooner.

We hope your summer is filled with delicious camping meals with friends and family so make your reservation soon and we hope to see you around the campfire.