Homemade Treats for Your RVing Pet

a yellow labrador

We see more people every day traveling and RVing with their pets. It’s good for the whole family and we love to see it. Sometimes a new environment can cause tummy troubles in your pet. It might be from a new food or from an unfamiliar weed in the grass. One thing you can do to keep your pet on track is to bring your own healthy treats for them to eat. They are much easier to make and you might imagine and can be made at home to bring with you on your trip.

One treat that can help settle a puppy’s tummy is this peanut butter and gingersnap treat. It’s made with almond flour, coconut flour, natural peanut butter, ground ginger, cinnamon, and water. You’ll mix the ingredients together and roll them out gently. If you feel fancy you can use acute cookie-cutter to make them into fun shapes before baking. These treats are healthy for your pet and the ginger will be good for their digestion.

If your dog has food allergies you are probably reluctant to give them treats at all. This recipe is made of ingredients that should be safe for them to eat without having a reaction. They are made with rice flour, oatmeal, almond butter, eggs, and water.

You and your pet can have a wonderful time camping and RVing without any unfortunate side effects from foods that don’t agree with them when you bring your own healthy treats. You can find these recipes and more at 10 recipes for homemade dog treats and we wish both you and your dog the best camping experience ever.

Nearly all of our member RV parks and campgrounds welcome pets so be sure to check them out and make your reservation. You and your pet have plenty of camping days left to enjoy this year.

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