Group Camping Hints to Help You Plan Your Trip

group camping in michigan

group of family members or RV group, you gain so much enjoyment out of sharing the experience with others.

Planning and organizing is key for group camping and we like to see you get the most out of your time with us so we offer a few tips.

Name one person to be the main contact. Pick the most organized person of the group and let them handle the checklists. Others can volunteer to bring necessary items, to clean up, or to watch the kids but having one person to keep track of the details is very helpful.

Have a Sign Up Sheet. There are numerous opportunities for everyone to get involved. Some people make a private Facebook group in order to share information about the camping trip. You can upload a sign up sheet there and everyone can have the chance to choose what they want to do.

Assign Someone as Group Photographer. All too often, people go away and realize they were having so much fun they forgot to take photos. Of course, everyone can take photos but having one person assigned to the task will assure you get some great shots that can be shared with everyone.

Share the Work. One of the benefits of camping with a group is that the work can be shared and everyone can have time for play. Create a chore chart and have people sign up to cook, clean up, lead the games, or watch the children.

We want your group to have the best time ever. If you are good planners, you certainly will.

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