Getting Comfortable at the Campsite

camp with your family in michigan

Camping is supposed to provide you some time away in a new environment and bring new experiences. That doesn’t mean you have to leave behind your creature comforts. In fact, those favorite pieces from home will often add that extra level in making your trip one to remember so we hope you’ll consider packing as many of them with you as you can.

Stable, Comfortable Camp Chair
There are so many to choose from it can be tough to decide. It’s probably just for sitting around the campfire and maybe for having your breakfast in the morning. We find there is just something about a really comfortable chair that makes the whole experience even better. Get one that is well balanced and stable. It’s nice to have a drink holder and there are even some that will rock or recline. Try to get the most out of those moments instead of spending any time adjusting yourself in an uncomfortable, crooked, crumply, sagging chair.
High-Quality Bedding
You are going to sleep well after a day in the open air and it will be even nicer if your sleeping bag isn’t stiff and crinkly. Bring bedding that is soft and warm. Something that smells nice and feels good to slip into at the end of the day. The next morning you can smile and stretch feeling happy to start a new day from your very comfy bed. It helps if it is of a material that doesn’t attract lint, dirt and dog hair. And machine washable is a must. You don’t have to suffer under a scratchy army blanket just because you are camping. Allow yourself this little indulgence and it will really make the trip a pleasant one.
Shoes That Have Been Broken In
This is no time to buy a new pair and break them in while you are here. The increased walking you will do while camping can result in blisters and those can hobble anyone’s day. They can ruin a vacation so go with the tried and true. We won’t be judging what you wear on your feet so bring your old faithfuls to run, jump, race, and play with the kids.

These simple things should add some happy moments to your stay and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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