Delicious And Nutritious Kids Finger Foods For Your Next Camping Trip

Kids can be picky eaters, but when you add fresh air and activity to the mix you end up with children who need something nutritious and hopefully healthy to eat on a camping trip. Ideally these foods will let Mom and Dad also enjoy their downtime in the great outdoors. So what you need is easy to prepare finger foods.

Here are some classic recipes, along with some new ideas which will transform your next camping trip with the kids into a fun filled outdoor and meal experience.

1. Corn on the Cob.

Beloved by families and kids for generations this is a power packed snack which can be eaten on the go. Place them on the campfire or pop them into boiling water. Add some low fat butter and a sprinkling of salt and you have the ideal ‘on the go’ finger food.

2. Pie Iron Treats.

You can go for broke and get as inventive as you want, but kids like it simple when it comes to finger foods. Use some good quality cheese, add some ham and a great health bread and you have something that the kids can carry as they explore – it’ll have them coming back for more.

3. Campfire Twists.

A classic which allows the kids to make a food item which is not only fun to prepare, but also fun to eat. All the kids need is flour, water, and a dash of sugar & salt to make the dough. Twist it around a handy stick ( make sure the wood is safe to use) and you have your basic twist. Roast over and open flame and add peanut butter or another savory spread and you have the perfect finger food. For another ‘twist’ add bacon bits to the outer parts of the twist – delicious.