Cautions About Using A Metal Grill Brush

brushes on a grill brush

Camping season is wrapping up and many Michigan campers are cleaning their gear and packing it away for the season. It’s also a time to restock your camping supplies for next year. When you decide it’s time to replace your old grill brush you might consider passing on the metal version and opting for a vinyl bristled one instead. Here are a few reasons why.

Health Issues:

The metal bristles often snap off, especially if you’re using old, hard-used brushes. There is an increased chance of the strands landing on the grate when cleaning. When you grill your food on it, these bristles can end up embedded in your food.

The health issue is that these bristles can be swallowed, unknowingly, and get stuck in the throat causing an emergency removal process in the hospital. These small metal fibers can even perforate your intestines. It’s serious business. You might even experience abdominal pain when the sharp object travels through your digestive system several hours after you’ve eaten.

Therefore, to be cautious, you need to throw away your old cleaning brushes. Don’t reuse the old brushes when cleaning your grill since the bristles are likely to shed. Additionally, before placing your food on the grill, you should check thoroughly to make sure there are no bristles left that might harm you. Note that these bristles are often small and hard to detect with the naked eye so you need to be very careful about it to avoid these and many more health issues.

We want all your camping experiences to be memorable – in a good way – so do consider changing your favorite grill cleaning brush to a safer variety. We look forward to seeing you around the campground next summer.

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