a bird sitting on top of a branch

Michigan is a great state to live in, and an even better state for the bird lover. Some gorgeous birds can be found flying through the air all year long in this wonderful state. Here are three birds any bird watcher should look for while in Michigan. A beautiful bird to take notice of while you’re […]

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raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and cherry all lined up in a row

June is the month our favorite fruits and veggies are ready in Michigan. It begins with tender asparagus and follows through with a variety of beans, peas, potatoes, rhubarb, squash, strawberries, and peaches. It’s a wonderful time to visit the farmers’ markets and pick up freshly picked produce for your camping trip. There is nothing […]

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various different types of meat on top of a grill

Your gas grill gets a lot of use in the summer and some even get used during the winter, depending on the owner and if there is enough cover to keep the snow off and the fumes from accumulating. They can seem like a big project to clean but it can be simplified. Cleaning often […]

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sunscreen on a knee

We all know the value of sunscreen as we’re camping, swimming, and playing outdoors in the summer months but there is a trend now to healthier options. We are careful to wear a hat and light clothing as is generally suggested but what we put on our skin may contain chemicals that we’d rather not […]

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