Cabin Camping is Fun and Easy

interior of a log cabin, with a bed and bench

Cabin camping is becoming more popular each year and our member RV parks and campgrounds have responded to the trend. They offer a wide variety of cabins and cottages for all types of campers.

New campers can book a cabin for a weekend and get a feel for camping without investing in any gear. They can enjoy all the amenities of the campground such as the lake, pool, themed weekends, planned activities, and time with friends & family, without having camping equipment of their own. It’s a perfect entry point for trying it out before they commit to purchasing tents, trailers, or motorhomes.

Campers with young families find that cabins are well suited to their needs, particularly if their parents are RVing in a campground and they want to visit them for a few days. They can rent a cabin and have their own space while being close to their parents for fun family time and meals.

Cabins are useful for quick weekend camping trips when a busy family finds they can get away for a few days. Some cabin campers book several short stays over the summer to fit in between work and kids’ activities.

The simplicity of cabin camping is that, depending on the cabin you’re renting, you only need to pack your clothing and food. You can be enjoying the campground within an hour of arriving. Some campgrounds offer cabins and cottages that provide linens, cooking utensils, and dishware. Many have full bath and showers which makes things very comfortable for everyone.

It’s advisable to book a cabin early because they are very popular and weekends/holidays get filled first. We recommend you call to make your reservation as soon as you know the dates you are available.

If you’ve been thinking of camping but aren’t sure it’s for you, renting a cabin is a good idea. You’ll sleep in real beds, enjoy cooking S’mores over the campfire, and get a chance to reconnect with the family. All good things for a fun time this summer.

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