Birds To Watch For In Michigan When You’re Camping

Michigan is a great state to live in, and an even better state for the bird lover. Some gorgeous birds can be found flying through the air all year long in this wonderful state. Here are three birds any bird watcher should look for while in Michigan.

A beautiful bird to take notice of while you’re camping in Michigan is the red-winged blackbird. The red-winged blackbird male is a mostly black bird with an area of red found on the shoulder area. The females of the species are completely brown and don’t have any red on them at all. These birds are usually found in habitats like marshes when it’s breeding time, and during the winter they head to croplands and open fields. The birds start their nest construction from March until May.

The indigo bunting is another Michigan bird that is quite a sight to see. When it’s time to mate, the male buntings can be found with ease, sporting a small blue body and a purple crown. The females have brown bodies with blue areas located on the shoulder and tail sections. Breeding for these birds occurs from the months of May to September. The birds take to weedy and brushy areas, like openings, swamps, and farm fields.

Different from other herons, the green heron has a smaller appearance with a stockier body and short legs. They only grow between 16 and 18 inches and have mostly greenish colors in their feathers, with a little green and black mix on the cap and a gray and black color on the feathers. When the birds are still young, their backs have beige spots over a brown and white base, and their chest and chest have brown and white striping. They are usually seen during the breeding season in March and April, which is quite early compared to other herons.

With a bit of skill, these birds should be easy to spot in Michigan. Newcomers and seasoned vets should get a kick out of these beautiful creatures.