Best Footwear to Bring When You’re Camping

person with a pair of sneakers on the sidewalk

There are so many important things to look for when choosing the right type of footwear for camping. You should look for a comfortable brand, type, and fit when shopping for footwear that is durable and able to last through many camping trips. Here are three important factors to consider.

#1. Support

Camping is not an easy task. You need footwear with the right kind of support. In fact, the more support provided by the footwear, the less you will have to worry about foot or ankle injuries during the trip. The shoes should come with thick soles to protect your feet when walking on rough terrain. They should provide firm arch support and roominess in the toe area.

#2. The Grip

The shoes you plan to purchase should have good gripping surface. This will provide the much needed safety for your feet on rough terrain. This is also important when you have to travel through a variety of weather conditions during your camping trips or on your hiking expeditions.

#3. Moisture Resistance

If the footwear is not moisture resistant, you may have to deal with foot fungus or other issues when the shoes get wet. This can cause complications you’d probably rather not have to deal with.  That’s why you need to buy a shoe or boot that resists moisture. Also, make sure you try the shoe or boot before you buy it to ensure you’ll have  a good fit and comfortable footwear for your trip.

You’ll spend lots of time outdoors and your feet will need the protection. We look forward to seeing you around the campground so be sure to make your reservation. We’ll see you soon!

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