23 Useful Camping Gifts They’ll Love Under $20

23 camping gifts under 20

It can be hard to know what to buy for that favorite camper of yours or to keep to your budget with so many enticing offerings on Amazon. We’re hoping to shortcut the time you might spend to search out the just-right filler gifts for your camping family this year.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, MichCampgrounds may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.Camping Gifts Under $20Travel Surge Protector $18

A compact powerhouse for all your electronics charging needs. It contains two USB charging ports and two AC outlets. It’s about as small as a smart phone. You can power four devices at once and the AC outlets are on the opposite side of the USB ports.

The surge protection included in this device will protect your electronics from an unplanned burst of electricity and it weighs only 7 oz.



gifts for campers

Flexible Cutting Board Mats $14

These flexible cutting mats are textured and 1 MM thick. They are durable enough to handle the job a camping kitchen demands. They are pliable enough to flex when needed and will quickly go back to their original flatness in a jiffy. They are non-stick and BPA free, along with being antimicrobial for your protection.

They’ll grip the counter when you place a wet paper towel underneath them. The crosshatched waffle texture assures a good grip. Each mat is 12 x 15 inches and they come in a pack of 4. The colors are blue (fish), yellow (poultry), red (meat), and green (veggies). You can pop them in the dishwasher when ready to clean up after dinner or wipe them with a warm, wet cloth and mild soap.

camping gearPacking Cubes 7 Piece Set $19

This set will make packing for that next camping trip a breeze. Whether you want to separate your kids’ clothes from each other’s or your own warm, light, or underclothes, they provide a well-organized way to keep things tidy.

The set comes with 4 packing cubes, a shoe bag, and two toiletry bags. They are light weight and water resistant. The strong, double zippers assure you won’t have to worry about their care during your vacation. They have a lifetime warranty and are made in 6 colors.


glass tumblers for camping trips

Glass Tumbler and Straw $12

We’re all trying to reduce our use of plastic and these lovely glass tumblers are a perfect substitute. The odor-free, clean tasting glass is protected by a food-grade silicone sleeve to protect it from breaking. The tumbler is narrow enough to fit in your cup holders and wide enough to add ice cubes. Just perfect all the way around. You can get it in mint, grey, coral, or denim.

Purchasers are saying they enjoy the fresh, clean taste of their beverages in this container and feel it is well made. You can pop it in the dishwasher though the lid must be hand washed.


Emergency Sleeping bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag $19

It’s always nice to have a few extra sleeping bags on hand, just in case. You never know when you’ll have unexpected company overnight or in need of an extra layer on cool nights. This bag is made to fit in a bug out bag, a corner of your car, or tucked in a backpack. It’s small when packed but opens to accommodate a full-sized adult in extreme temperatures. It weighs only 4 oz and is a great piece to keep on hand.


camping straws in stainless steel

Stainless Steel Straws $9

This full set of stainless steel straws are suitable for just about any container you are drinking from. They are 100% food-grade and BPA free. This set is complete with a combination of straight and bent straws, both 8.5 and 10 inches long. Two cleaning brushes are included. They are for drinking cold beverages only and they are packages neatly in a black, draw string bag. You can pop them right into your camping bags and off you go.

Purchasers mention they appreciate the variety of sizes and styles in this set. They also like the color coding options so they know who’s straw belongs to whom.

bbw gloves at the campsite

BBQ Gloves $13

Best for those that are working with a hot grill or adding wood to the campfire. These gloves come with a lifetime warranty. They’ll protect from the most extreme temperatures. And are comfortable to wear. They are made of silicone which also resists contamination from the meat you are preparing.

The interior is lined with cotton for comfort and avoiding the sweating hands you can experience with other gloves. They are rated to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. They won’t absorb grease and fit most hand sizes.


campsite microwave lid

Collapsible Microwave Lid $7

There’s plenty of cleaning up you still have to do when you’re camping but the microwave doesn’t have to be one of those things. These days, even a cabin rental comes with a microwave so this collapsible cover will really come in handy. It can go from 1 inch to 3.5 inches and is good to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s BPA free and washes up easily in the dishpan or dishwasher.

There are multiple micro perforations in the lid to allow steam to escaper while maintaining food splatter to the inside of the lid only. No more covering your plate or bowl with paper towels or wiping out the microwave after each.


no-tie laces for hiking shoes

No-Tie Laces $20 (Pack of Three)

Campers spend plenty of time switching in and out of their shoes each day. It may be to keep sand out of the tent or when they are getting in and out of the pool all day. These no-tie laces can make changing shoes a breeze. You lace them through once and after that it’s a simple slip in and out to go from hiking to barefoot and back again.

They are one size fits all, from kids to adults. They move and stretch to accommodate your feet and can reduce pressure points as well. Put them in your shoes one time and enjoy comfortable shoe changes to last as long as the shoes do.


pet bowls for camping and hiking

Collapsible Pet Bowl $13

This is the perfect pet bowl for camping and hiking. It’s canvas on the exterior and has a waterproof lining. You can give your dog their food or water without concern of it leaking. It can hold up to 48 oz of water or four cups of food. To clean, you just wipe with a wet cloth and a little bit of soap. It weighs 6 oz and folds up to 3.5 x 5.5 inches.


camping survival tool

Credit Card Survival Tool $9

This handy tool is a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s an all-in-one tool that most campers will find handy many times during their camping adventures. It fits neatly in a wallet. It’s made of heat-treated stainless steel and is guaranteed not to rust or bend. It comes in black, silver, or a combo pack of both.

The 11 features of this tool are flathead screwdriver, can opener, saw blade, bottle opener, wrench, ruler, cutting edge, direction indicator, and keyring hole. You really should pick up a few of these at this price. Just about everyone you know will like it.


burger press for easy grilling

Burger Press $14

Burgers are a staple of camping meals all across the country and most camp cooks aren’t crazy about making those patties with their hands. Using a burger press keeps all your patties uniform in size which makes cooking them that much easier.

This press is made of unbreakable, food grad aluminum alloy and compresses the burger just enough to keep the patties firm and together while on the grill. Burgers will come out with ridges to provide that gorgeous seared look when served. The surface is sealed with a non-stick coating so your burgers won’t stick to the press. It also offers a lifetime guarantee.


campfire starter

Fire Starter Keychain $5

A most useful and compact tool for your favorite campfire lover. It is waterproof and will resist the wind, too. As a bonus, it includes a compass, which is always nice to have. It measures 3” x 3/8” x 1”.

To use, you simply scrape the serrated edge of the striker along the magnesium rod to create shavings. Then you can work the slider and striker to create a flame.

phone holder for camping comfort

Lazy Phone Holder $10

This will come in handy in almost all of your camping situations. Whether you’re tucked in to your sleeping bags or enjoying a cup of coffee at the picnic table, the 360-degree rotating neck and 35 inch arm will assist you in surfing the web or watching a movie, hands-free. It fits most smart phones from 3.5 to 6 inches. It’s made with a large clip to keep it stable as you watch.

silicone beer savers

Silicone Beer Savers $9

These food-safe silicone caps will keep your beer fresh and safe. They fit standard beer bottles and some larger sizes as well. You can pop them in the dishwasher to clean them and they come in a set of six. Colors are blue, orange, red, green, purple, and yellow. They’re also handy for marking who’s drinking which beer.

S'mores maker at the campsite

Microwave S’mores Maker $14

This little cutie will be a fun relief for you on rainy camping days when the kids have their hearts set on having S’mores before bed or even during the off season when you get a craving. You can microwave 2 S’mores in 30 seconds. Pour some water in the reservoir and add the rest of the ingredients. It’s dishwasher safe and pretty fun to use.

camping sheet holders

Camping Bed Sheet Fasteners $8

These are made with wide elastic and a good strong grip. They come in handy for all those camping sheets that tend to pop off our cots, mattresses, and picnic tables. You can use these to snug up the fit of any sheet which makes for a much more enjoyable sleep. They’re also made to avoid tearing the fabric they are securing.

camping cable ties

Camping Silicone Cable Ties $7

You’ll use plenty of cable ties when camping so why not choose the cute ones? These adorable panda ties will be a favorite. You can use them to keep chip bags closed, secure a bunch of cords, or to wrap up individual place settings for your next picnic. The kids will love them, too.

phone magnifier for tent

Cell Phone Magnifier $14

A perfect solution for allowing a few people to share a movie on your phone. The screen will magnify your phone screen and be viewable to others in the tent. It fits most smart phones though isn’t meant for tablets.

pocket multi-tool campers love

Pocket Multi-Tool is James Bond Cool $12

This is such a cool tool to have. This handy pen holds a lot of possibility for your favorite camping adventurer. It contains a stylus, screwdriver with Philips and flathead bits, bubble level, and ruler. A highly useful tool for campers, students, and craftsmen as well.

flower pots for RV

Ceramic Elephant Flower Pots for Succulents are Perfect for RV Gardening $10

This sweet set of two can travel with you in the RV, wherever you go. They have drain holes underneath to allow water to flow through the soil. Keeping plants as you travel to and from camping destinations can be tricky but succulents tend to do well and these little planters will set them off in an adorable way.


camping coffee mug

Color Changing Coffee Mug $9

You know you love that morning cup of coffee when you’re camping. This adorable mug will ward off the conversations until you’re ready. It’s a fun gift for those who like their peace and quiet in the morning. When the coffee cools off the mug will begin to frown. So, hot coffee = happy, cold coffee = frown. We all know someone who can use this cup.

bring beer socks

Bring Beer Socks $6

The lettering on these socks are sewn in, rather than printed on. There isn’t a risk of peeling. They are soft, and comfy and will get a laugh from anyone who reads them. Hopefully, they also result in someone delivering the requested beverage.


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